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PostHeaderIcon What Kind of Dog Can a Person Have That Is Allergic to Dog Hair?

What Kind of Dog Can a Person Have That Is Allergic to Dog Hair?thumbnail
Chihuahuas cause little allergic reaction to those who come in contact with them.
Dog allergies are common in many people and may deter animal lovers from owning them. Though many dogs may cause allergic reactions that make it hard for some people to interact with them, there are many breeds that cause minimal reactions. These breeds include hairless, wirehaired and single-coat breeds.
  1. Hairless Dogs

    • There are many hairless breeds of dogs that those allergic to dogs may want to consider. Hairless dogs have minimal to no hair on their bodies. They are good for people who are allergic because they are clean, odorless and do not get fleas. The most common types of hairless dogs are the Mexican hairless, Peruvian hairless and Chinese crested hairless.

    Wirehaired Dogs

    • Good hypoallergenic wirehaired dogs are the bichon frise, Havanese and Bolognese. These dogs are non-sporting dogs and are good companions. They produce littler dander and are non-shedding and odorless. Their low shedding rate reduces the amount of dander they produce. All of these dogs are relatively small and can be considered lap dogs.

    Single-Coat Dogs

    • Single-coat dogs such as the Chihuahua are also good dogs for those with allergies. They are considered tea cup dogs and are the smallest breed of dog. They weigh a maximum of six pounds and come in a variety of colors and patterns. The Maltese and the Coton de Tulear are also single-coat dogs that are good for allergy sufferers.

    Pet Care

    • To ensure the reduction of allergens and dander it is important to brush or comb your pet daily and wash them after each use. Bathing your dog frequently will also help reduce chances of an allergic reaction. Also, do not allow your dog on your furniture or in your bedroom.

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